About the Meherrin Solar Project

Minimizing the Impact on the Local Community

  • The Meherrin Solar Project will NOT increase traffic.
    • Minor maintenance work is expected to occur, only a few times per year.
    • The project will have low or no impact on County services – requiring no new roads, utilities or impact on law enforcement.
    • The Meherrin Solar Project will preserve the region’s agricultural heritage.
      • Spreading across approximately 524.98 acres of land, much of the land between solar panels is undeveloped, leaving the opportunity to plant native grasses and wildflowers.
    • As part of decommissioning, the land will be restored so it is available for its original agricultural use.
    • The Project Team has submitted a decommissioning plan to the County, along with a pledge to post financial security as needed to support future decommissioning efforts.